Meet Alana

I am the daughter of a school teacher and a U.S. Marine.  My parents instilled in me the value of a good education and hard work.  I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but my Mom always made sure we lived in the suburbs.  She paid for me to go to Catholic Schools so that I did not have to suffer the substandard public schools of Louisiana.  That’s what good parents do; they sacrifice their own luxuries for the betterment of their children.

I moved to Georgia in 1998 to attend college.  I earned my B.A. in Pre-Law from Georgia State University and my M.B.A. in project management from Brenau University.  My work career began with a District Sales Manager position at USA Today newspaper.  I managed their sales and circulation in several Atlanta Metro areas before becoming the Sr. District Sales manager for all Northeast Georgia.  In 2015, I began teaching G.E.D. courses part-time to help the community.  This past September, I was laid off from USA Today, as a result in the declining readership in print news.

In 2009, I fell in love and moved to Hall County.  Since then, I have gotten married and made South Hall my home.  My blended family consists of six children, eight grand-children, two dogs, two cats and three goats.   We are a family that loves sitting at the fire pit and grilling out on Friday nights.

As a middle-class Georgian, I feel that our current General Assembly has failed us.  Our communities are saturated with drugs that are luring good children, from good homes, down bad roads.  Parents are working more hours, trying to earn a livable wage, simply to provide food, shelter, and amenities for their children.  My Christian faith forces me to ask myself, “What would Jesus Do?” This is why I have decided to run for State House in the Georgia General Assembly.  I would like to write legislation that will help put parents back into the homes they so hard work for. It is time Working Georgians demand more time to spend with their children and more time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

My Family