“Proper education should produce Good Citizens”

We have police officers in school dealing with our “problem youth” but no one is addressing the social aspect of shaping our youth, especially at the elementary and middle school levels.  By the time a child reaches high school, it is almost too late!  We need to hire school psychologist to work in our elementary and middle schools to help defuse, mediate, and correct simple social problems, like fighting and bullying, instead of resource officers who treat them like criminals.  This would promote good mental health, promote educational habits which would further improve graduation rates, and create “Good Citizens”.  At the high school level, for students facing suspension, we need a school psychologist or social workers running in-school suspension or “ISS” so that the children can actually learn useful skills, like anger management and deescalating while on punishment.



“Last year Georgia had a $900 million dollar surplus.”

The State of Georgia needs to stop collecting sales tax on grocery items.  The State imposes 4% sales tax and our county imposes an additional 3% sales tax. As middle-class citizens, income taxes are automatically taken from our pay, then we are taxed on every purchase we make.   I am tired of being taxed on Everything!   We also pay property taxes, valorem taxes, we even pay 7% sales tax on all our utilities.  It is time working Georgians are rewarded for doing the right thing.


“Drugs are an epidemic and it is time we treat it like one.”

We have a drug problem here in the State of Georgia.  Last year, the GBI reported finding synthetic Fentanyl in Cleveland, GA.  These Opioid drugs have infiltrated our State, just like they have infiltrated our Country.  Now that they are here, simply outlawing these drugs is not the answer.  We need to Heal and Educate! A Drug Problem is a Family Problem.  Addictive drugs never just affect the user.   We need early intervention programs to help families identify the problems before tragedy happens.  We also need to heal the victims not just jail them.  We can do this by building rehabs instead of more prisons.  We can expand our Medicaid program to help pay for inpatient rehabs.  This will save the tax payers money.   In return we can create “Pathways to Community Re-entry”, a work program for rehabilitated drug users.


“I fully support the 2nd Amendment!”

The Gun Debate is an important one.  I am proud American who believes in preserving the 2nd amendment rights of all law abiding Georgians.  “Guns don’t kill people, People with guns kill people!”  This is why we must be careful to ensure that all gun owners in the State of Georgia are law abiding and “Mentally Stable” citizens.  Georgia’s State Constitution specifies that the Georgia General Assembly has the right to prescribe the manner in which arms may be borne.  Our current prescription does not allow us to weed out the mentally unstable.

In recent years, we have seen numerous mass shooting happen throughout these United States of America by law abiding citizens with a severe history of mental health.  We need laws that will allow mental health professionals the option to petition and notify the courts when a patient is dangerous.  We cannot continue to pretend that “dangerous” mentally ill citizens do not exist.